UNIQUE NEWS * CANNES 2019: GRETA GARBO ANCESTRY FAMILY HOME TOWN CINEMA-THEATER FOUND AND IS NOW FOR RENT * SET FOOT TWO HOURS SOUTH OF STOCKHOLM * ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE BUILDING * FOR ARTISTS WHO WISH TO ESCAPE HOLLYWOOD AND PRODUCE IN RELAXED RURAL DISTRICT WITHOUT TOURISTS * NEWS 2019 | Licensing : "The Ghost At The Wedding" musical-dance-opera is now released for movie film, TV production, theater performance. Contact: musicpromotion.management(*)gmail.com || SNEAK PREVIEW: Some music tracks available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc. SEARCH: DJ SKIPPER "SAFRI SPICE". The Wildest DJ in the World || SERIOUS BUSINESS: Worlds only business interview with ABBA creator, Stig Anderson, available on iTunes, book titel "Between Caviar And Champagne". The book series also include a most rare interview with DJM, who found Elton John and took him from zero to something || Get in the forefront. Return to our pages at a later date: qbqbqbq.com


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Network has included such personalities as Michael Chugg, Jim Halsey, Stig Anderson, S. James of DJM, Michael Sukin, Martin Dryan, Amando Moreno, J. Jacobson, Rod Eime, Katherin J. Lange, Kenny Smith, Mike Hennessey, Gene, etc.

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