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Success is a partnership between creative people and management people. Music Management & International Promotion was founded in 1983 to build a respect for managers in the music and media business. Mr. Stig Anderson was the first to be presented at the cover page.

The relationship began in 1979, as ABBA was on about to tour. Elton John came with a new PA-equipment, and had arranged a two-person concert tour with Ray Cooper, as a way to create own income and establish his new company "Rocket Records".

The PA-equipment was rather important, during those days, because everything was a balance between music output and NOISE output. The digital world had not yet been introduced to the world, as it is today.

Elton John looked for enough power to make his voice and piano stand any auditorium in the world. He and Clive Franks had chosen the Harwell/Tasco system for the tour. Of course, ABBA were curious, and of course ABBA listened in on the first concert of the tour, which was held in Stockholm.

ABBA had just finished their Australian success tour shortly before, so when Sound International - a subdivision of the highly estimated and most respected Studio Sound magazine - heard about Elton's new system, they wanted a report from their new reporter.

Thus, shortly after Elton's tour, ABBA came by and met the same reporter, who had now an established name within high and advanced stage-setups. Clabbe, Claes of Geirstam, showed their system, which had been booked long before Elton's innovative system.

Manager Stig "Stikkan" Anderson was of course curious about the new movements within the music business, and as Sound International had paved a new way for creative musicians, producers, sound engineers, etc., he immediately accepted, when the reporter said "What about a focus on the MARKETING of ABBA".

Only Billboard, and a little perhaps New Musical Express and similar, had ever showed interest for the work of the manager, and the issue "how to promote ....", so Stikkan willingly accepted the offer. The reporter, however, established a few years later a more close relationship between the reader and Stikkan's management with a new magazine named "Music Management & International Promotion". The magazine was distributed to all record label, all recording studios, all music media, all ... in the world. Free. Thousands of managers (minimum 25.000 key personalities) had observed the ABBA issue and registered Stikkan's mind of thinking.

The original tapes recorded with these interviews are still preserved.

A few years later, namely in 1989, Stikkan had developed the idea of Polar Music Prize. The highlight of artists was launched in 1992.

Among the first highlightet winners were Elton John and Paul McCartney, which was also the network of the reporter, who is now working and producing music and world projects under the name i.e. "DJ SKIPPER" and "N. Skipper".




Skipper (DJ SKIPPER) worked in the music industry from early childhood.

When asked, what is your job, the answer would be like: "I just talk to people, or play music". Singer. Musician. Performer. Serious Music Journalist. Manager. Management. Promoter. Marketing. Pianist. Record Producer. Comedy. Lobbyist. Concert Promoter. Welrobably more tags. Year 2018 - Celebrating 60 years in music, TV, film, media and theater business.

Highlights: Prodigy, 1958. Various stages, TV, theater, 1958 - etc. AAM Records, 1976. Founder of O'Neal Music Organisation, 1978. Serious music journalist for Sound International & Beat Instrumental, 1979. Founder and Editor of Music Management & International Promotion, 1983. Dj Skipper, 1978. CMP, 1998. QBQBQBQ, 2010. Music Promotion Management.

Career in the music business began in 1958 as a prodigy child performer, winning a small scale X-Factor with and against 25 other performers. Immediately thereafter a succesful career shaped, and as a child being paid in 9 minutes what an adult would earn in a week.

The following years took Skipper through a career with major artists of the country, and performed on big and highly estimated stages and TV.

Having met the promoters, who launched The Beatles in U.S.A., Skipper shaped a small record label. As major labels were very influential that record label project did not turn out to be successful.

However, in 1978 the legendary media for professional sound, media and recording producers embraced NH, which let to the career of writing to build the new bridges between hardware an concert activities, new four tracks and eight tracks home recordings, etc.

Joined Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore and Roger Glover as a serious journalist in the recording studio for a month, and worked in the sphere with concert promoters like Arne Worsoe of ICO, International Concert Organisation, Eric Thomsen of ET Concerts.

In 1978 Elton John had just split with DJM, and were facing an enormous risk with his career. He and producer Clive Franks were cutting touring budgets by arranging a tour with just two musicians (Elton and Ray Cooper), and were eager to fill auditoriums with sound volumens from just vocals, a piano, and percussions. They had therefore taken in a new P.A. concept with powerful P.A. speakers developed by Harwell, and were beginning touring in a setup with TASCO, as Skipper enter the concert hall.

The rest is history. Skipper contacted Stikkan in 1979 because editor Tony Bacon and Richard Elen had accepted to do a coverage on ABBA stage and ABBA studio and ABBA marketing. The marketing part was ground breaking in the music industry. A few years later, 1983, Skipper founded Music Management & International Promotion - chats and talk with managers on topics like legal issues, promotion, administration, organisation, cash flow, copyright organisations, concert promoters, etc.

The work sphere was including Beach Boys, Joan Armatrading, 10 CC, Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, Boomtown Rats, Iggy Pop, Pia Zadora, Sinatra, Eurythmics, and many more. Chats and talks can be found in the serie of books titled "Between Caviar And Champagne". Even a marketing interview with Frank Sinatra's long time manager is in the series of books.

Presently Skipper is promoting a music cultural heritage developed over a period of 1.600 year and an up-tempo dance musical titled "The Ghost At The Wedding", which preferably should tour all countries.

Final comment: It is not who you know - it is "who knows YOU". NH's (now called DJ Skipper on Spotify, iTunues, Deezer, etc.) answer is: "Well, the tax-people now me. Stikkan Anderson knew me, because it seems I was the only one promoting the managers and taking with them seriously during those days".

Meet with Skipper at Polar Music Prize, Midem, etc.*

MMIP and some of the work. The interviews and chats are much longer than these brief spots on Youtube. Many tracks with i.e. Beach Boys, Rainbow, Boomtown Rats, Iggy Pop, etc., have not been released.


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