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Sound engineering used to be very exciting. The battle between the artist and the fight against noise. Today, with computers, the recording engineer feel life is dull. Boring. Whatever the artist do will be autotuned, and there is no noise or record grooves making the needle jump on one million records pressed at a pressing plant. Darn, we miss the old days.

DJ Skipper is the artist name for performer, composer, musician, sound engineer, producer, who did extraordinary work in the 1970'ies and 1980'ies working in the networkd of legenday Studio Sound and Recording Engineer & Producer. Technical chats and talks with recording producers such as Elton John's folks, Clive Franks, Gus Dudgeon, as Elton was risking his career and needed finance, thus taking in the new P.A. equipment named "Harwell/Tasco", with it's giant front speakers.

From the Elton John start point career let further to ABBA's sound engineer, Clabbe, Mark Pinsky of Frank Zappa, Joan Armatrading, 10 CC, and numerous other engineers. Visit to Critia Studio's for a chat with Karl Richardson, and going West to Rondo Recorders, where - apparently - The Eagles was in the studio.

Return to this webpage at a later date. We are trying to find sponsors as the page is being build, and we will present you with some very-very rare sound clips of technical chats with Elton's long time sound engineer. The interviews are released in books. Look for "Between Caviar and Champagne" by DJ Skipper.

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Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing

1929 - 1950

Douglas Shearer (1929/30)Paramount Publix Studio Sound Department (1930/31)Paramount Publix Studio Sound Department (1931/32)Franklin Hansen (1932/33)John P. Livadary (1934)Douglas Shearer (1935)Douglas Shearer (1936)Thomas T. Moulton (1937)Thomas T. Moulton (1938)Bernard B. Brown (1939)Douglas Shearer (1940)Jack Whitney (1941)Nathan Levinson (1942)Stephen Dunn (1943)Edmund H. Hansen (1944)Stephen Dunn (1945)John P. Livadary (1946)Gordon E. Sawyer (1947)Thomas T. Moulton (1948)Thomas T. Moulton (1949)Thomas T. Moulton (1950)

1951 - 1975

Douglas Shearer (1951)London Films Sound Department (1952)John P. Livadary (1953)Leslie I. Carey (1954)Fred Hynes (1955)Carlton W. Faulkner (1956)George Groves (1957)Fred Hynes (1958)Franklin Milton (1959)Fred Hynes, Gordon E. Sawyer (1960)Gordon E. Sawyer, Fred Hynes (1961)John Cox (1962)Franklin Milton (1963)George Groves (1964)James Corcoran, Fred Hynes (1965)Franklin Milton (1966)Samuel Goldwyn Studio (1967)Shepperton Studios (1968)Jack Solomon, Murray Spivack (1969)Douglas Williams, Don Bassman (1970)Gordon McCallum, David Hildyard (1971)Robert Knudson, David Hildyard (1972)Robert Knudson, Chris Newman (1973)Ronald Pierce, Melvin Metcalfe Sr. (1974)Robert Hoyt, Roger Heman, Earl Madery, John Carter (1975)

1976 - 2000

Arthur Piantadosi, Les Fresholtz, Dick Alexander, Jim Webb (1976)Don MacDougall, Ray West, Bob Minkler, Derek Ball (1977)Richard Portman, William McCaughey, Aaron Rochin, Darin Knight (1978)Walter Murch, Mark Berger, Richard Beggs, Nat Boxer (1979)Bill Varney, Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker, Peter Sutton (1980)Bill Varney, Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker, Roy Charman (1981)Robert Knudson, Robert Glass, Don Digirolamo, Gene Cantamessa (1982)Mark Berger, Tom Scott, Randy Thom, David MacMillan (1983)Mark Berger, Tom Scott, Todd Boekelheide, Chris Newman (1984)Chris Jenkins, Gary Alexander, Larry Stensvold, Peter Handford (1985)John Wilkinson, Richard Rogers, Charles Grenzbach, Simon Kaye (1986)Bill Rowe, Ivan Sharrock (1987)Les Fresholtz, Dick Alexander, Vern Poore, Willie D. Burton (1988)Donald O. Mitchell, Gregg Rudloff, Elliot Tyson, Russell Williams II (1989)Jeffrey Perkins, Bill W. Benton, Gregory H. Watkins, Russell Williams II (1990)Tom Johnson, Gary Rydstrom, Gary Summers, Lee Orloff (1991)Chris Jenkins, Doug Hemphill, Mark Smith, Simon Kaye (1992)Gary Summers, Gary Rydstrom, Shawn Murphy, Ron Judkins (1993)Gregg Landaker, Steve Maslow, Bob Beemer, David MacMillan (1994)Rick Dior, Steve Pederson, Scott Millan, David MacMillan (1995)Walter Murch, Mark Berger, David Parker, Chris Newman (1996)Gary Rydstrom, Tom Johnson, Gary Summers, Mark Ulano (1997)Gary Rydstrom, Gary Summers, Andy Nelson, Ron Judkins (1998)John T. Reitz, Gregg Rudloff, David E. Campbell, David Lee (1999)Bob Beemer, Scott Millan, Ken Weston (2000)

2001 - present Michael Minkler, Chris Munro, Myron Nettinga (2001)David Lee, Michael Minkler, Dominick Tavella (2002)Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Hammond Peek, Michael Semanick (2003)Scott Millan, Greg Orloff, Bob Beemer, Steve Cantamessa (2004)Christopher Boyes, Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges, Hammond Peek (2005)Bob Beemer, Willie D. Burton, Michael Minkler (2006)Kirk Francis, Scott Millan, David Parker (2007)Resul Pookutty, Richard Pryke, Ian Tapp (2008)Paul N. J. Ottosson, Ray Beckett (2009)Lora Hirschberg, Gary Rizzo, Ed Novick (2010)Tom Fleischman, John Midgley (2011)Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson, Simon Hayes (2012)Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead, Chris Munro (2013)Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins, Thomas Curley (2014)Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff, Ben Osmo (2015)Kevin O'Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie, and Peter Grace (2016)Mark Weingarten, Gregg Landaker, and Gary Rizzo (2017)Paul Massey, Tim Cavagin and John Casali (2018)

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