The Ghost At The Wedding can be licensed for professional theatrical performance, or for semi-professional performance at colleges, schools, etc. If you are interested in performing The Ghost At The Wedding, please contact the agency for manuscripts and directions. Or, write:

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T H E . G H O S T . AT . T H E . W E D D I N G


"Dance-Opera" | Musical With Dance

THIS PAGE is a brief introduction to managers, investors, theater directors, film-directors, performers, musicians, artists, actors, dancers - professionals or semi-professionals.

Two gay people fall in love. Or, two straight youngsters fall in love. Find manuscript and music here.



A lively, humouristic drama. Kinky and crazy play about love, jealousy, wedding, and ghosts. Soul-catching music and raw dance. If you like the action-musical Starlight Express by Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Ghost At The Wedding is something for you to stage.

Intro - Percussions


Safri Spice

Ghost At The Wedding (excl. ghost)

La Cha Cha Cha

Turandot - The Opera (Classical version)

Helly's Song - Broken Heart Song

Station - Love Is A Blind Thing

- - - - -


Majestic Wedding

Helly's Song (French Romance or L.A. version)

The Ghost At The Wedding (incl. ghost)

D'Up With You (Cool version)

Smutsteiner Spank

Turandot - The Opera (Rave-Dance version)

D'Up With You (Rave version)

Raving Firebrigade



DJ Skipper. Available on iTunes.

Clothing & Merchandise


The play is a musical with dance. It includes tango, waltz, slow and wild dance. There will be a need for dancers, and musical singers. The music may be re-recorded by your own musical ensembles, or, you may use the tracks available on iTunes (DJ Skipper).

The characters can be a bit Chinese mystery, or be adapted to any culture, sexual or religious belief. If you are a Director or Choreographer, and see a potential for your career and work, please contact so we can learn to know your style and brief you about the development. We have certain "gags", which should be included in the performance.

Film Directors may see a potential creating a musical drama. Please contact.

Young talent, starting a career, may see a potential to create and develop the play for a long term career. Perhaps you are majoring in music- and media management. Please contact if you are very serious.

We are interested in "sold seats" and copyrights. In other words, you may license the show for a specific territory or country. Examplewise, Berlin, London, Tokyo, New York, Melbourne, etc. Bring business to your area. Sell beverage or dinner-shows. At the present time, only your imagination sets the boarder. Contact us for licensing. We can assist guiding you.


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