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Music Management & International Promotion || Music Promotion Management

We all had a dream of bringing good music to the world.

We all have a dream of bringing good music to the world.

During the years Music Promotion Management have chatted and talked to several icon managers, such as Stig Andersen, who managed and promoted ABBA, DJM, which took Elton John from zero to sky-high, and many more.

We are now promoting a concert concept within classical music globally. And, we are just now providing the opportunity for new music managers and artists to stage the new "musical" called "The Ghost At The Wedding".

If you are interested to create a career within music, you must CONTACT US NOW for coordination. Only serious business operators, please.

E-mail: musicpromotion.management()gmail.com

Go to song which was intended for an artist like Whitney Houston.

The recording and music is available for movie film and CDs.

Artist Coppola.

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Go to the Music Management & International Promotion pages now being rebuild for the Internet, and discover more about managers, how to manage, from very rare interviews, such as ABBA's creator, Stig Anderson, and Elton Johns creator, DJM, who had also build the business system for The Beatles.

Listen to Music Management and MPM chatting about business

Music Management - Rebuild


Music Promotion Management is a new label for something old, historically in contact with creative managers behind Elton John, ABBA, Frank Sinatra, Oak Ridge Boys, Chapell Music, CBS and concert promoters, festival organizers, music lawyers, and many more.

Our services are to talk to people or influence their choices for client benefits.

Now we have some new global projects to launch and work with. If you are interested in concert promotion, records, or media, please contact us directly by e-mail. There is no guaranties for a mutual work relationship, but there is a possibility that we can build something together.

Presently we are promoting classical music concerts, Ave Maria Concert Festivals, which call for both local promoters, managers, TV, etc. Perhaps this project is of interest to your artist and the development of the artists career.

Please write to: musicpromotion.management@gmail.com

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Management tips and information from Michael Jackson manager Frank DiLeo, Outkast manager Blu Williams, Warner Bros. manager Peter Standish, Boston manager Jeff Dorenfeld, books, and more.

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